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Swedish Massage

A traditional massage using lotion or oil. Swedish Massage promotes deep relaxation while reducing tension and stress in the body. The level of pressure is adjusted to each individual’s preference.

Deep Tissue (Myofascial Release)

This technique addresses the deeper layers of the tissues, releasing deep muscular tension and pain. It is extremely effective in chronic musculoskeletal complaints such as headaches, neck, low back discomfort,sciatica, etc…

Sports Massage Deep Tissue

Sports Massage is for the professional and/or weekend warrior athletes. This form of massage uses cutting edge techniques to replenish fresh oxygenated blood to the muscles before and after a sporting activity. It is useful in preventing injuries; it speeds up recovery time, reduces delayed onset of muscular soreness, improves flexibility, and increases performance.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is both comforting and soothing.  Therapeutic techniques helps support a mother and relieve her discomfort during and after pregnancy. Our clinic provides special pregnancy pillows used during massage to allow the expectant mother to lay comfortably and safely in a face down position.

Trigger Point Therapy (Neuromuscular)

Trigger Point Therapy is used to target points of stress within a tense muscle. Using very advanced techniques, the therapist is able to help release the tension within the muscle. Pain if often associated with this technique, but good communication between the client and therapist make this technique extremely effective.